University Of Libya Student Zunaira Wateen

Zunaira Wateen has sent her photo from Libya. Libya is a country in North Africa and to its north lays the Mediterranean Sea coast. Apart from this, it has Egypt to the east and of course Tunisia to the west. Ancient sites and historical monuments fill the country, and with such a rich heritage, no wonder tourism here has picked up over the years. Even though it is a small country, there are people who have migrated here from other parts of the world, simply because they liked this lifestyle and were happy here. Zunaira studies in University Of Libya. This Libyan girl wants to do specialization in International Diploma in IT & Communication (IDITC). Zunaira tells that she wants to do something for her beloved country in the field of IT.

Apart from the studies Zunaira surfs internet daily she has so many online friends but Zunaira still wants many more like minded friends

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