Online MBA Economics Student Alhena From Ramallah

Friends this picture is of Alhena Mehmood. Alhena belongs to Ramallah, Palestine. Alhena is doing online MBA Economics. She writes in her email that she is too much worry about the low economy of Palestine. She tells that because of the war between Israel and Palestine, investors and capitalists from other nations hesitate to put big investments and open numerous business establishments in Palestine. Moreover, the threatening relations of Palestine with Israel also affect the tourism sector of the nation. Because of this, a large proportion of travelers from various countries also have second thoughts visiting the nation. Assessing economics in Palestine is hard since it requires analysis of past events that cause enormous changes in the country.

She more tells that for those who have interest and passion for understanding the underlying factors that influence economics in Palestine, it is best that they focus on exploring the social issues surrounding the war between Palestine and Israel. Moreover, it is also necessary that they consider the impact of the rights that Jews and Palestinians hold to a legitimate settlement in Palestine since these also affect the present economic state of the country. In the end Alhena wishes that soon there will be a positive change in her beloved country.

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