Egyptian Girl Studying In Mansoura University Egypt

After reading very nice and encouraging comments from our wonderful readers, Fukayna has sent this photo as a thank you to all you who liked her. Fukayna writes in her email that it is last 3rd year of her studies in medical and getting through medical college is a phenomenal endeavor. Not only does it require intellect, hard work and determination, it also requires correct skills for studying. You have to have a strategy for worming your way through the mountains of notes and the mounds of books. Just imagine – one subject requires tons of reference material; now there are numerous subjects and the amount of reference material that has to be referenced simply defies imagination. Now this would be a herculean task for even a genius. This Egyptian girl more tells that acquiring skills is not an easy matter, and the worst enemy is giving up. You do not acquire skills overnight. Set yourself a goal. Try to achieve that target. Reward yourself when you achieve the goal. Do it again and again till it becomes second nature to you.

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