Raeesa Nafees – Arab University Girl

Dear friends to day we are going to post a photo of beautiful Arab Girl Raeesa Nafees (standing left) from Saudi Arab. Raeesa sent her photo through our contact form. Raeesa is a student of computer sciences in King Saud University. She tells about her university that King Saud University was set up in the year 1957 in Riyadh. It is the first university of Saudi Arabia. There are 19 colleges that function under this university. The number of students enrolled in this university is more than 32000 and runs colleges of medicine, pharmacy, engineering, agriculture, computer sciences, administrative sciences, education, art, sciences, dentistry & applied medical sciences programs.

Well friends, Raeesa is feeling free these days and looking for some sincere friends for online chats. So you can catch her by leaving comments about her!

Princess Of Saudi Arabia Fatimah Kulsum

Princess Fatimah Kulsum belongs to Saudi Arabia. Princess has recently done MBA from UK. Fatimah is running so many welfare centers and charities for the welfare of arab women. Princess wants to do something fruitful for the women of arab world. According to Princess Fatimah we should always be armed with information concerning women’s issues like violence and share it with others. Keep in mind that while violence may consists of physical contact, threats and verbal abuse, it also includes emotional and psychological stains. Hence, you can take a step further by joining women’s groups as a proper way of addressing the issue of violence, encourage women to cut the cycle of fearful silence, and cut the cycle of violence in the long run.

Lips Care Tips For Arab Girls

We have really wonderful lips care tips for all arab girls. As you know that lips are the delicate area where lipsticks are applied onto it quite often or even daily to enhance your beauty. Some of you have a thick lip, some will have thin lip. The lip area is so delicate and sensitive that, the appearance of vertical lines and dull texture around the lip and in the lip area, are signs of aging without proper care. As you age, your lip becomes hyper sensitive and prone to dryness, lip crack, chapped and flaky, which may cause pain and discomfort when talking or eating.

There are many types of lip balm which you can choose to protect your lips according to your lip condition – from a cream type for very dry and severe condition, moisturizing gel type for daily use, 2-in-1 lipstick and balm formula which is very convenient, to an easy to carry stick type. If you run out of a lip balm during emergency, quickly pick a natural based face moisturizer, apply a thin layer on your lip gently for temporary use. Or another way is,if you take vitamin E at home, break one vitamin E capsule and massage onto your lip, then leave it overnight.

Mawadda Nour Miss Arab World 2009

Miss Arab World pageant took place in cairo, November 11, 2009. Sixteen contestants (18-24 years) from all over the Arab countries were competing for the title. Mawadda Nour, from Saudi Arabia, receives congratulations from other contestants as she wins the “Miss Arab World 2009″ pageant.

12 Years Saudi Arabian Girl Married With 80 Years Old Man

This is really a very shocking news for all Muslims that a Saudi father, whose name has not been released, sold his 12-year-old daughter to his 80-year old cousin for the equivalent of $22,600. The elderly man, who lives in the city of Buraidah, stands accused of raping the girl after the wedding. He has previously married three other young girls.

“She was raped and they took her to the hospital after the wedding night,” Wajiha Al-Huwaidar, a Saudi journalist who has been banned from reporting by the government told The Media Line. “Usually when the girl is very young, the authorities tell the husband not to touch her until after puberty. When he was interviewed, the guy just said she was old enough and he didn’t know she would get hurt.” The girl, already in the custody of the elderly man, was reported to have shouted “I don’t want him, save me!” when contacted by phone by a journalist from the Al Riyadh, a local newspaper in the Saudi capita

Yara Naoum Egyptian Actress, Model and Interior Designer

Yara Naoum is 22 year old so cute Egyptian actress, model and interior designer. Yara Naoum is born and raised in Cairo/Egypt by her mother & grandmother..As Her Parents got divorced when she was a baby..She has originally a mixture of Lebanese & Turkish royal blood roots.. Yara Had this first sight love with every animal she saw since she was a child. That’s why she never lived without a pet,One of her life time dreams is opening a shelter for stray animals. Her Mother Worked as a model for few Years & her Elder brother was into Music & Art . Thus born into a world of creativity, Yara took a very early interest in both music and physical expression,She Started writing articles about things that affected her personal life in school paper when she was just 9 years old . While developing her musical skills,Yara played different instruments without reading musical notes. she was also doing Patinage & gymnastics, by the age of 11, she became on the Team of Maadi Patinage Players embarking on a career as an elite-gymnast. Unfortunately, Yara then suffered from an injury in her spine that forced her to quit gymnastics for good. That development brought her focus back to music & Drawing, She then went to The School of Drawing for a One Year Course & after she took some training for hip-hop and popping Dance.

Yara Followed her dream to be an Interior Designer & got accepted into ‘ The Higher Institute Of Cinema ( interior designing & cinema sets section ). Yara Naoum is now making appearances,charity and working as a model,actress & helping the animal cause in Egypt & working with ‘ Egyptian Society For Mercy To Animals ‘. According to Yara “I believe in believing in yourself and always making the best of a situation, though at the same time being aware of the obstacles ahead and ways to overcome them while staying true to yourself. Because you make your own decisions and chose your own way through life. Be open to the world around you, travel, embrace diversity, feed off your surroundings, expand your mind through new knowledge, explore the unknown and redefine the known! When life hits you the hardest and you have to find your inner strength, you gather it all to know and feel what is most important to you. “When you see me, you see a small part of what I’ve been through, where I am now, and what I’m going to be”.

Lebanese singer Amal Hijazi

Amal Hijazi or Amal Higazi is a popular Lebanese singer, model and pop icon known throughout the Arab world. Her major success began with the release of her second album, “Zaman” (The Past) which became a blockbuster sensation. Hijazi is known for the originality of her music videos and for her instantly recognizable voice and singing style. She has also been compared to the diverse Lebanese singers such as Nancy Ajram, Haifa Wehbe and Elissa.

Currently one of the most active Lebanese singers, Hijazi has given a number of concerts throughout the world and has made countless TV appearances. She is also well known for her support in charity projects and is also a distinguished Panasonic brand ambassador. She currently has four blockbuster hit albums to her name and this young star has witnessed ground breaking success. She is currently one of the most popular Lebanese singers ever. She has gone on countless tours throughout the globe and has found success in many Arab countries, extending towards Europe and America.

Egyptian Actress Ghada Abd El Razek

Ghada Abd El Razek also know as Ghada Abdel Razek is really cute Egyptian actress born on 6 June 1970. She studied Computer Science and started her acting career through commercials. Some of her best movies are: Heen Myasara, Laylat Al Baby doll, Al Rayyes Omar Harb, Khaltat Fawzia, Azmat Sharaf, Adrenaline and Jamal Abdel Naser. Some of her best tv series: Aailat el hajj mitwalli, Masaalat Mabdaa and Mahmoud El Masri.