Cairo Academy of Arts Student Mariam Fanan

Friends this profile is of Mariam Fanan. Mariam belongs to Cairo, Egypt. Mariam is student of arts in Cairo Academy Of Arts. She loves painting and doing specialization in painting art. This Cairo girl tells that the primary educational goals for the painting major is knowledge of and proficiency in painting practice based on the observation of nature including the human figure and supported by craftsmanship, individual initiative, creativity, and the ability to interpret ideas through artistic expression.

Mariam more tells that with a Painting Degree, you’ll also discover many historical and contemporary examples of painting and integrate that knowledge into studio practice. You will gain a thorough understanding of value, color, composition and expression through the study of anatomy, life drawing, perspective and design and the role these elements play in conveying meaning and vivacity. You will get to study the use of media such as oil, watercolor, egg tempera, and pastel, and create paintings in a range of modes including the figure, landscape, portrait and still life. Well Mariam we wish you all the best for your studies and future please keep in touch.

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