What Is Hijab? A Message For Arab Girls

Shahirah Rahim belongs to Aleppo and student of graduation. She sent her photo through our contact form with a very important message for all arab girls. Shahirah wants to describe something about hijab. She tells that despite the negative perception and stereotype surrounding the hijab in the west and other parts of the world there has been a massive surge in Muslim women wearing hijabs. There has been a considerable rise in non-Muslim women converting to Islam and wearing hijabs who have studied Islam with objectivity despite the negative hype surrounding the hijab. Many Muslim women and converts to Islam have come to love hijabs and feel very proud to adhere to the concept of hijab. The women were questioned about the attitude that men had towards them after they started wearing hijabs and the response was that it had a positive impact and men treated them more with respect and dignity.

Hijab” is also frequently used specifically to mean a headscarf worn by a Muslim woman. In this case, it most often refers to a square scarf which is folded diagonally and worn over the head to cover the hair, ears and throat, but not the face. The word used in the Qu’ran for a headscarf is “khimar”, which might be better to use when referring to headscarves in general, as many people argue that this use of “hijab” is incorrect, and it can certainly lead to confusion. Women that are regaining their identity and role in society, are now wearing the Hijab and are embracing its concept of liberation. They are taking their lawful places that Islam had awarded them fourteen hundred years ago. In fact, the western women had no rights nor did they have rights over their husband. Not only were woman the property of their husband but so were their possessions.

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