Aleeza Wants To Tell About Study In UK

Aleeza Malik belongs to Doha, Qatar (see another Qatar girl here). In the snap she is sitting in a beautiful place of London city. Aleeza is studying in Royal Holloway University of London. She tells that Study in the UK, rather than at comparable universities and colleges in other countries, clearly remains the first choice of the largest segment of the overseas student population. Study in UK provides computer aided career guidance to its students. It helps you to choose your future path and to settle in new job. Career services at Royal Holloway helps its students to make right choice after their graduation. Career Services help its students to find their first job or to shift from temporary job to permanent job. University of Royal Holloway London provides support in the form of weekly Academic & Study Skill Seminars also provides on campus banking service to its students. This University is ranked 90th in England and wale’s for proportion of students who go into graduate employment. University has educational support office for its students, this support co-ordinates academic and welfare support for students with physical difficulties, mental conditions, specific learning difficulties and specific psychological needs.

Well Azeeza thank you very much for joining us. We pray that you may complete your studies with high grades.

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