Subira Nasser Student Of History From Cairo University

Subira Nasser has joined us from Cairo. Subira studies in Cairo University. Being a student of history she spends most of her holidays visiting the historical places of Egypt. Today Subira wants to share a little introduction of Egyptian Museum. She tells that this Museum is located in Cairo and is home to over 120,000 items of treasured found around Egypt. It is imperative to arrive at the museum early, as this will probably be one of the busiest attractions in Egypt. It is here you will find many of the treasures that were discovered within the tombs as well as over 20 actual mummies in the Royal Mummy Room. However the star attraction here is the tomb of Tutankhamen and all the treasures that were buried along with it. Subira tells that you will normally see a good crowd around the solid gold mask that rested upon the Kings head. This mask weighs 24.5pounds of solid gold and the face on the front is believed to look very much like the Kings face.

Well Subira thank you so much for your contribution. Friends you can also send your photos easily through our contact form.

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