Mariam Needs Some Online Friends

Mariam Mahmud belongs to Batroun, Lebanon. Mariam is studying in a high school of Batroun. Mariam has joined us through our contact form. She writes in her email that Batroun is one of most beautiful, historical and oldest cities of world. In the photo Mariam is keeping teddy bear in her laps. She tells that teddy bear is her best friend. The purpose of sending her photo she tells that she spends most of her time using Internet after coming back from school. But the problem is that she could not make any friends hitherto.

Now through our site she has invited all our readers to be her online friends. Well Mariam thank you so much for sharing your photo, we assure you that you will find soon too many friend requests in our comments box. Now it is on you to choose the best for you.

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