Maira Jasmin A Dress Designer From Syria

Friends, today we are going to publish a profile of Maira Jasmin from Syria. Maira started her profession as wedding dress designer one year ago. Today she wants to dedicate some wedding dress purchasing tips to all arab girls. She says that there are certain moments in life, which you wish to cherish forever and live it again and again. Wedding ceremony is one such occasion which remains with one’s memory till the end of time. Everyone wishes to make their wedding ceremony so beautiful that everyone remembers and it also sails as a happy memory in everyone’s thoughts. With a wedding ceremony there are lots of other things that are attached. Maira says that the most highly anticipated parts of planning for a wedding is the opportunity that the bride has to go shopping for the perfect wedding dress. But, often this can become a very stressful endeavor as well. Stress often creeps in as time constraints and money issues press in and sometimes these things make it challenging for a bride to choose the designer wedding gown that she wants.

For this Maira suggests that most marriage dress shops, especially the ones that will carry an inventory of designer gowns, will have a bridal consultant on hand. These professionals are specially trained and have years of knowledge that you can lean on as you endeavor to find the perfect marriage dress for you.

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