Farrah Hussain From Baghdad

Farrah Hussain is first contributor who has joined us from Iraq. Farrah lives in Iraq’s capital city of Baghdad located on the Tigris River. Farrah writes in her email that she is student of 2nd year in Baghdad. Farrah tells that Baghdad is a very huge city with the population touching 7 million; it is the nation’s most important metropolis, and the one of the largest of its kind in southwest Asia. With its history dating back to the 8th century, when it was renowned as a hub of learning and knowledge, it was the home of the House of Wisdom created solely for Greek, Middle Persian, and Syriac works’ translations.

Farrah tells that there are so many places, which are famous worldwide and are situated right here in Iraq. An ancient site, that was once prominent, is covered with high walls, and palaces apart from the magnificent temples. Even though the place has been eroded by rain and time, it still stands tall. To get to this monument, one can either take the boat or a water taxi from Baghdad. Other tourist attraction in Iraq Farrah tells that is the Shaheed Monument, which was open to public in 1983. This is again a place that symbolizes all the Iraqi soldiers who died during the war with Iran. A huge dome, which has been split in the middle, with the two halves offset, has the domes are sheltering a flame. Around this area, a playground for children, walkways, bridges, ample car park, and even a lake can be found. Well, Farrah we really appreciate your contribution. We wish that you will send some more photos of you in future.

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