Sonia Ahmed Inviting You To Dubai Beaches

Dear readers this snap is of Sonia Ahmed from Dubai. In the photo she is lying on white sand of Jumeriah Beach. Sonia says that for those looking to find the ideal beach paradise, there might be no better place in the world than at a Dubai Beach, tucked into the comfort and serene beauty of the Middle East. Despite the humidity of the region, the crisp white sand of a Dubai beach is a primary attraction for tourists around the world. Most of the beaches in Dubai are private beaches of the luxurious hotels and one can spend his leisurely time there after paying a nominal fee. Among a number of beaches in Dubai, the most famous one is Jumeriah Beach that is long stretch of beach with soft white sand that submerges into the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf. As for a tourist’s convenience and pleasure there a good number of hotels, private clubs and center of recreational activities are located along the Jumeriah beach.

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