Ramla and Saburi Enjoying The Party In Luxurious Hotel Of Muscat

Ramla and Saburi belong to Muscat. Both these girls are cousins and also best friends. This time both these Omani girls have come to attend a marriage part of their friend in Chedi Muscat Hotel. The Chedi is a unique resort in Muscat, a opportunity for people loving luxury and elegance willing to find out about Oman. The Chedi Muscat is a model of stylish boutique minimalism. The uncluttered colour schemes begin in the bedrooms, with high ceilings and marble floors keeping you cool when you return after a day in the sizzling Arabian sun. Throughout your Oman tour, you’ll want to soak up some of that sun at the Serai pool area, which is arranged in a calming symmetry of parallel awnings and shades, matching the array of sun loungers and the rows of surrounding palm trees. Designed in the style of traditional Omani architecture and offering breathtaking views of the Gulf of Oman and the mountain ranges of Muscat, The Chedi provides full hotel services

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