Rabiah Abbasi At Kitchener’s Island

Rabiah Abasi belongs to Aswan, Egypt. Rabiah is 1st year student in city girls college. In the photo she is enjoying at Kitchener’s Island the most beautiful place in Egypt. Rabiah tells that Kitchener’s Island is one of two major islands on the Nile in vicinity of Aswan. The Egyptian government now owns the island and there is a biological research station at its southern end, which is not open to visitors. Now known as ‘Plantation Island’, it is also variously called Plant Island or Geziret el-Nabatat. The research station is able to supply rare tropical plants and timber trees to many parts of the world.

Rabiah more says that visitor to Kitchener’s Island will find a peaceful paradise, full of shady trees, beautiful flowers and unusual plants among the paved walkways. This island is a haven for rare exotic birds of many kinds and their colorful plumage can be glimpsed in the branches of most of the trees. It is the perfect place for an afternoon stroll or contemplation during an otherwise hectic holiday. There is a cafeteria on the southern end of the island where you can buy all the eating materials you like.

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