Komal Farouq Taking Classes Of Oil Painting Art

Komal Farouq has joined us from Qatar. Komal is student of 2nd year and also taking classes of oil painting art. Komal tells that oil painting is an amazing art. It is an excellent way to study, because changes and corrections are easily made. Unwanted passages of color can be scraped off the canvas any number of times without injury to the surface. One color can be painted over another, drawing and proportions can be corrected, and all the nuances of light and shadow can be studied experimentally. The painting can be put aside at any time, to be picked up and continued at a later date. Oil reproductions are beautiful hand-painted recreations of famous paintings from the past. But even when buying reproductions, choosing the right one can be tough.

Well Komal thank you very much for sending your photo we sure that our readers would really like to see you again. So please continue your contribution.

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