Iraqi Girl Ruqayyah Teaching In A School

Ruqayyah Saleh has sent her photo from Baghdad. Ruqayyah is doing the job of school teacher in Baghdad city. She writes in her email that she joined this job four months ago after the completion of graduation. Ruqayyah tells that school teaching is not an easy job particularly at primary level. Primary schooling or education is basically the first stage of an individual’s compulsory education because reading student’s mind and concentration level is not an easy task to deal with specially for children. It requires a good amount of patience, analyzing capability, frequency matching and most importantly adaptability. Teaching in primary school could be somewhat of a feat. The subjects that are usually taught to primary school children would be basic literacy as well as learning numbers. Foundations in geography, history, science and other social sciences are also taught in primary school.

Ruqayyah more tells that there are various methods and techniques in teaching these children, which you can use and they would usually depend on the mission and objectives of the particular schools. Some of these methods would be through conventional teaching, games, songs and other activities. Song and other fun games and activities usually serve as effective ways of teaching these children and have been made as notable features of the established primary education system. Well Ruqayyah you are doing a great job. We pray that you may continue it through out your life.

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