Haziqah Ijlal From Berlin, Germany

Haziqah Ijlal is our new member from Libya. Haziqah has sent her photo from Berlin, Germany. Haziqah writes in her email that she is living with her family in Berlin since last seven years. Haziqah tells that Berlin is a city having rich culture, as there are over 400 art galleries, which represent the art and culture of the Berlin City. As it is culturally strong so there are a number of cultural institutions out of which most of them are internationally recognized. Berlin is considered as one of the major centers and the base for science, media and culture. Berlin also is one of the cities of the world which is rich in history. As it can clearly be seen within the museums and art galleries located inside the boundaries of the city.

Haziqah is high school student and computer sciences is her favorite subject. She says that Berlin is also rich in the educational sector as it has a number of educational institutions as well as technical universities. These universities offer a wide range of technical subjects to their students so that they can compete in the modern world. These educational institutions give admissions to a number of students from all around the world in a year to facilitate them with better and quality education.

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