Emma Hassan Team Captain Of Basketball Team

Emma Hassan is student of second year in city girls school of Dammam. Emma loves to play basketball and she is the captain of her college team. She wants to share some information about her city and game with our readers. Emma tells that Dammam is a city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is located in the Eastern province. This is an industrial city, a lot of people from different countries are here to work. And about her game Emma describes that jumping higher is very important in basketball because jumping higher increases your dunk rating, rebounding rating and shooting rating. When you take a jump shot, you’ll be able to shoot over taller defenders. It improves your dunk rating because if your vertical jump is very good then you can dunk over some defenders. This makes driving to the hole easier. Rebounding can be a bit easier with a pretty good vertical jump.

There’s what I would call “myths’ about jumping higher. Some people say it’s in the shoes, others say that it depends on your training, and a few say that you’re born with it. I can assure you that some players are born with the amazing jumping ability. Others have to train very hard to jump higher in basketball.

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