Damascus University Student Jamilah Habib

Friends today we are going to publish the profile of Jamilah Habib. Jamilah belongs to Damascus. She has sent her photo through email. Jamilah is studying in Damascus University. She tells that Damascus University oldest university of Syria. Damascus University consists of 14 faculties of literature and human sciences, education, economics, law, agriculture, Islamic Sahria’a, pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, civil engineering, fine arts, architecture, mechanic engineering, and the Higher Institute of Administrative Development. Damascus University is one of four universities currently operating in Syria. Jamilah wants to do post graduation from Damascus University and this is first year in the university.

In the end Jamilah wrties in her email that although my photo is in full hijab so if possible please publish my profile. Well Jamilah thank you very much for your contribution. Of course we hav’nt any problem to publish your photo here. We are wishing some more from you in future.

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