College Professor Masika Ammon From Mallawi

Masika Ammon belongs to Mallawi, Egypt. This Arab Woman has recently joined the job of professor after the completion of Master degree. Masika is feeling very happy and wants to share her feeling about her job. She tells that being a college professor is an extremely rewarding experience. Professors are able to help students through difficult times. We are mentors to our students and help them develop a basic knowledge in our subject. I feel gratified when a student suddenly understands a difficult concept because of my efforts. Professors receive a great deal of respect from students. For example, every day students rush to open the door for me or wait for me to enter a room. I wake up in the morning happy because I look forward to my first class of the day. These are things that money cannot buy. On top of this, I also receive an income. Also, As long as you are doing a good job teaching you are not bothered by the administration.

Well Masika thank you so much for joining us. We really appreciate you on joining a respectful profession and it seems from your nature that your students will gain knowledge from you in friendly atmosphere.

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