Carnegie Mellon University Student Nazeeha Houssam

This profile is of Nazeeha Houssam. Nazeeha belongs to Ar-Rayyan, Qatar. She has sent her photo through our contact form. Nazeeha tells that this picture was captured two months ago when she went Doha on wedding of her cousin. Nazeeha is doing graduation from Carnegie Mellon University. The purpose of sending her photo she writes in her email that when she visited our site first time she really impressed by it and decided to contribute us. Nazeeha always keeps herself busy in her hobbies like reading novels, watching movies, using Internet and chatting with her online friends.

Well Nazeeha thank you so much for your contribution. We would like to say one thing to you that if you want to make some online friends then please keep in touch and check out our comments box where you will soon find hundreds of friend request from our readers.

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