Asma Batoul Celebrating Family Holidays In France

This photo was sent by Asma Batoul lives in Beirut (see our last post about Beirut girls). Asma tells that she has recently come back from France after completing a memorable family trip. She says that she really enjoyed her tour because there is a wide spectrum of accommodation for family holidays in France so no matter what your budget there is a holiday out there for you. You could stay in one of the luxurious and cheap campsites. These campsites are hugely popular with British, German, French and other European families making them friendly and safe. On site there are usually Restaurants, Bars, Pools, games rooms and sports facilities, such as tennis courts, volleyball courts, football pitches, table tennis tables and much more, offering entertainment for the whole family.

Well Asma, thank you very much for sharing your photo and feelings with our readers through our contact form. Looking forward towards you for some more in future.

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