Alima Tells About Spain Holidays

Alima belongs to Amman, Jordan. She has sent her photo through email. Alima is high school student. Alima tells that photo was taken last month when she was went Spain with her family on holidays. This Jordan girl tells that Spain is a very popular tourist destination; this is mainly due to the attractions of its two largest cities – Madrid and Barcelona. Spain is also extremely popular because of its excellent climate – hot and sunny in summer and warm even in winter with most days enjoying clear blue skies. Alima more writes in her email that we stayed in one of the luxurious hotels of Barcelona. Five star hotels in Barcelona are the most luxurious standard of hotel possible and of course the most expensive. Expect the highest standards of service and quality. Most five star hotels in Barcelona will have additional health facilities such as health and spa centres.

In the end she says that if you are planning to visit Spain you should reserve your room in advance because looking for hotel accommodation in Spain you may have a problem finding a hotel room so do make your reservation as early as possible. Thank you so much Alima for sending your really cute photo. We hope you will keep intouch with us in future.

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  1. Philip says:

    Hostels are very community oriented lodgings, and have a cheap rooms.

    Rio Pousadas

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