Smallest Arab State is Bahrain

An island country the Kingdom of Bahrain is situated on a flat, dry archipelago made up of thirty-three islands in the Persian Gulf.

Bahrain holds the distinction of being the smallest of the Arab states, being only 413 square miles in size. The islands are made up mostly of desert plains which are at sea level, rising to the 400 foot level at Jabal ad Dukhan. The equatorial latitude of Bahrain means it has very humid hot summers and rather milder winters.

Islam is the religion of this tiny Arab state, and while the majority of citizens practice Islam as their religion, there are also Christians and various other faiths represented.

In fact, Bahrain is well-known for giving other religions some leeway for their expression.

The capital city is Manama and the prescribed language is Arabic, but Urdu, English, and Farsi are also spoken by some. A constitutional monarchy is the structure of Bahrain's governing system, and is headed by a king or queen, with the prime minister. The government also includes a legislature.

Bahrain is geographically a small part of the Arab world, but it's name is well-known, not just for Arabs but in the world awareness, because of it's strategic place in the largest oil-producing areas of the globe.

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