Expected Moroccan Marriage

I've visited
Morocco too to meet
her and her family.
We met on the
internet and after 4
months of contact, I
visited her last
month. We're not yet
"officially" engaged
but like each other
overall. Can someone
from Morocco please
tell me something
more about Moroccan
girls and their
cultural norms. I
mean what is it that
they expect from
their fiances, whats
acceptable, whats
recommended, whats
not accepted etc.

Is it
natural in Moroccan
culture for females
to *ask* for
money/gifts from
their fiance's? What
are your cultural
norms regarding the
guy spending on the

Its not that I
don't like to spend,
but I just want to
be sure its a
Moroccan cultural
norm and is natural
there, coz for me
thats just very odd
for a girl to *ask*
a guy for
money/gifts before
marriage, even if
she is engaged to

Actually I love
spending money and
gifting friends and
family and my
intentions with her
are no different.

Just that I find it
strange that I
haven't had the
chance to do by
myself, except for
the sweets and
chocolates that I
bought for her when
I visited her house
for the first time.
Is it maybe coz
girls like to show
off their gifts to
their friends?

Or is
it just coz its
natural and she
thinks I might not
be aware of the
culture of gifting
in Arabs, so shes
just helping me
along? Is it coz
she's become overly
attached and is
already "treating"
me like a husband?

Any help from any
Moroccans will be
much appreciated.

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