Persian Tour Guide Mahvash

Mahvash belongs to the Tehran city. She has completed her studies last year and now she has started her profession as tour guide. Mahvash tells that Iran’s natural and historical attractions appeal many visitors from all around the world. These include natural sights like hot deserts in central and eastern regions of Iran, huge mountains of Zagros in the west, glorious Damavand Peak in the north, unique Alisadr water cave in the North of Hamedan, and Hara marine forests that is located on and near the island of Qeshm in the Persian Gulf, or historical heritages like eye-catching museums of Sad-Abad in Tehran, Islamic architecture in famous mosques of Esfahan, Old bazaar of Tabriz, Masouleh, an old village which is well-known for its rural and spectacular architecture, and hundreds of other places, that attract thousands of visitors each year. She more tells that she has already visited all the beautiful places of her country and now through this profession she can get the opportunity to visit her country again.

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