Noura Rahal

Noura started in 2001 with her first two singles: "Salemly 'A Albak" (Give me your heart) and "Shoflak Hall" (Find a solution) which weren't immediate hits. After wading through the an obvious lack of stardom, she received her shot at glory in 2006 when she released her breakthrough single entitled: "Kollo 3adi" (It's the same) an Egyptian song which brought her instant success and fame. Noura enjoyed more than four months of success, then produced a full album: "Denyeti Ahla" (My world is prettiest). The lead song of the album entitled: "La Tekhteber Sabri" (Don't test my patience) was very successful and climbed the charts so fast, making it one of the highest-selling albums of the year. In addition to singing, Noura Rahal also stared in the Syrian series "Ahl Algrarm" and in "Kowm Alhajar."

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