German doctor arrested in Emirates for giving girls fake virginity

Police in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) arrested Wednesday a German doctor of Arab descent for performing hymen reconstruction surgery and illegal abortions. Police investigation indicated that the 61-year-old gynaecologist carried out the surgery to restore broken hymen for about 1,000 dollars, according to a police statement.
The surgery known as hymenoplasty is illegal in many countries in the Middle East and the Gulf where women are required to prove their virginity when they get married.

The surgery is usually done under local anaesthetic. (The EarthTimes)

But how do we turn our backs on these women who in all likelihood could be killed by their fathers, brothers or husbands if it is found out that they are not virgins? Aren't doctors morally bound to help these women who could face certain death if they are discovered to be non-virgins?

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