Bousseh Amjad Student Of Sketch Art

This snap is of Bousseh Amjad From Tehran. The photo was captured by her sister when she was sitting in a public park. Bousseh is student of art and wonderful thing about her is that she is an excellent sketch maker. She tells about sketching that Drawing is a kind of art that you can visualize applying various drawing instruments properly, and it will create a two dimensional medium. Sketches are drawings with improper detailed information, or they are just for studies and outline. If you want to draw a sketch on a particular subject, you have to do deep studies about that subject. You need to keep that subject at your eye level, and it is a best angle to create a sketch for that subject. In beginning you need to draw light and think lines for the sketch. Make sure that the lines drawn should be broken and not connected. The drawing should be made to the perfect scale.

Bousseh more tells that there are many instruments that you can use to draw sketches like a pencil, chalk, pen, ink and charcoal. Dry instruments like pencils are very popular for drawing the sketch as it takes very less time. You will also find many artists who are even comfortable using watercolors or clay to prepare the sketches. Each and every drawing instrument has its own way of use for making the drawing image attractive. Hatches are mostly used to create depth in a sketch. It will give amazing effects to the depth of drawing. There are many artists who draw sketch in a linear perspective. You can also give depth to your sketches using other techniques. Thank you very much Bousseh for sharing your useful knowledge about sketching. We pray that you may get all your future goals you have targeted.

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