Azeeza the Hijabougie

If you’re unlucky and have fallen in love with Azeeza, you can get her to like the things you like. The difference between Afaf and Zuzu is a technical one; the former is both religious and spiritual, the latter is socially religious and vaguely spiritual, and dresses to kill, always. As a start, Azeeza has loved fashion since she was a little girl and her favorite show is America’s Next Top Model. She hails from Dearborn, Chicago, or Brooklyn (Albany, post-9/11). She is a first generation American and has a graduate-level degree from a college that isn’t known more than 40 miles away from her home. She is ambitious and a go-getter, she never accepts the status quo, even with her strict dress code and she’s hot! And a little head cover’s not going to hide that or her curves or her high fashion label. She dresses better than Hamid Karzai and walks around like a model on a runway. Azeeza is hoping that her fashion will compensate for all her modesty in dress. She only wears the best. If you ask her to name what brands she likes, she'll sound like she's ordering food at an Italian restaurant. As a guy, I am confused by how to approach the Hijabougie types. I can never muster the courage to compliment her looks without coming cross as a schmuck who doesn’t give privacy to those who clearly ask for it. We are all biased and judge this group in different standard, and that’s the problem of dating or “hanging out” with Zuzu. It remains unclear what cultural frame of reference we should use, but again they don’t date or at least don’t call it dating, but you will be amazed to learn that they get more dates in a week than you get in Ramadan. The Hijabougie’s musical tastes are so narrow that they can only accommodate Usher, Justin Timberlake and a hint of John Legend.

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